Cryo Store & Covid-19

Covid-19 is controlling the World. The first vaccins have been developed, tested and approved. At this moment, it’s not clear yet how the Covid-19 vaccination program in The Netherlands will be rolled out. However, Cryo Store is ready to support you in your validated temperature-controlled storage, packing and distribution needs as much as possible.

Cryo Store has the wholesale licence registration (WDA): CIBG number 6973 G 

Cryo Store Services around Covid-19 vaccination programs involves: 

Vaccin coolbox

Depending on the vaccin requirements, Cryo Store offers various packaging solutions for the transport of vaccins. 

For cooled transport (2-8°C) and actual use at the vaccination location, we have developed the TCP-26 Vaccin coolbox.

This vaccin coolbox is fully validated, easy to use and the vaccins are guaranteed to stay at least 28  hours within the set temperature range. This vaccin coolbox  is being used in Government Vaccination Programs.

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Several vaccins are being developed as we speak, with different requirements regarding storage temperatures. For example, the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccin needs to be stored at -80°C, the Moderna and J&J vaccins at -20°C and Sanofi/GSK’s vaccin can be stored at 2-8°C. A complex organization within your facilities where we can support you.

In addition to your own facilities, Cryo Store offers validated storage capacity under GDP regulations for:

  • -196°C 

  • -80°C and -20°C freezers

  • 2-8°C refrigerators

  • 15-25°C ambient storage

Dry Ice

For transport at -80°C, Dry Ice is the ideal solution. With Cryo Stores own Dry Ice production and a broad portfolio of packaging sizes, we can support you in several ways and deliver Dry Ice, from small to large scale.

Different Dry Ice containers, 440, 300 and 200 liters, are available for transportation and if needed for short term -80°C storage of vaccins.
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The c\temp-GEN2 -80°C coin cell GEN2, is a single-use D ry Ice temperature data logger with USB connectivity.

Temperature Range: -80°C to +30°C accuracy 0,2°C at 0°C to 10°C and +/- 2°C at the extreems.

Memory: 8k (approx. 8000 measurements)

Software: free MDAS Read-Only (not for programming)

SKU: 7045

This is one of the few temperature dataloggers that can be put directly in Dry Ice, no extension probe needed.

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