Thermo box

Cryo Store offers various packaging materials consisting of EPS, Biofoam® or TCP, and carton to provide the best option for your specific needs in temperature requirements during different transport times and costs.
EPS, Expandable Polystyrene boxes are well known and often used in shipping temperature controlled goods.
EPS offers excellent isolation properties and has a low weight. We have a range of different size production moulds available to give you a wide selection of box sizes.
EPS can be recycled100% easily and we can take care of collection of your used boxes.

Biofoam® is made of PLA and based on the waste of sugar cane and is 100% biodegradable.
Biofoam® has the same or better properties then EPS, it will not be “greener” than this material.

TCP (Temperature Controlled Packaging) is a unique, innovative product with superior features compared to EPS and Biofoam® and an excellent alternative packaging solution.
TCP packaging arrives flat and can be stored flat until ready to use, thus saves valuable storage space.
In just a few steps, your box is set up and ready to ship. Because no production moulds are needed, we’re able to design and develop a box that matches your application, even for one box.